为帮助中国的影视从业者提升专业技能,更好地实现中国文化内容走出去,并增强中国和国际影视内容产业的社群凝聚力,MIP China组委会将策划论坛、展播、创投等版块,共计60 余场活动。

由于疫情影响,MIP China 2022 线下论坛、创投、展播延至11月举办,具体日期待公布。

MIP China 泛亚洲儿童内容/纪录片创投


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阅读 FAQ (常见问题说明) 及协议条款和条件

✓  该创投的目的是为创造性人才提供直接向决策者推介项目的机会。5个入围的儿童内容项目和5个纪录片项目将应邀录制一段5分钟的创投视频,随后,评委们将针对每个项目给出建设性的意见和建议,帮助这些项目提升到新的水平。 入选项目和评委意见将于6月在MIP China论坛现场和线上平台展示。

  MIP China的 “泛亚洲儿童内容/纪录片创投“面向来自世界各地的制片人和编剧开放报名。有兴趣向亚洲地区儿童内容/纪录片定制买家/节目总监展示创意和项目的创作者,请不要错过这个机会

✓ 项目提交和创投语言为英语。


2022 MIP China 泛亚洲儿童内容创投 - 入围者

The Adventures of Toto

Company(ies): Costera Films

Line 1

Country: Argentina

Line 1

Synopsys: In a small town in El Chaco, Argentina, Totó and his friends find themselves one morning with the dire news that the wasteland where they meet daily to play is threatened by the unscrupulous actions of the billionaire Mr. Runciman who plans to construct a large mall.

Little Hoo Hoo

Company(ies): Hangzhou Long Gong

Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: On a hill not far from the city, a magical tree grows, on which lives hoohoo, a hole-in-the-tree elf with an empty head and no intelligence, but also kind and hospitable. It is said that anyone who meets hoohoo will be lucky...

Bottle Island

Company(ies): Lovelove Films

Line 1

Country: United Kingdom

Line 1

Synopsys: The series follows a group of quirky friends as they work together to try and save the island from the rubbish that washes up on the shore. Through their eco-adventures, the characters discover the wonders and perils of the world around them.

The Game of the Brave

Company(ies): WeKids

Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: A boy who likes to solve puzzles accidentally opens a mysterious board game, which guides him and his friends to travel back in time to explore the world's unsolved mysteries. Only by discovering the truth can they return to the real world.

Sunny Skylane

Company(ies): Beijing Miaow’s House Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: Sunny Skylane is built on a large cloud that floats slowly in the sky. There are kindergartens, shops, houses and parks, just like in a small town where people live. Residents here are responsible for controlling the weather around.

2022 MIP China 泛亚洲儿童内容创投 - 评委

Xiao Xuan Yang

Vice President

iQIYI, Inc.

Qing Fan

Producer, Content Investment & Co-Productions

Tencent Kids

Leslie Lee

Head of WarnerMedia Kids – Asia Pacific

Warner Media

Yasuyuki Azuma

Head of International Business


2022 MIP China 泛亚洲纪录片创投 - 入围者

Ching's Overseas Chinese

Company(ies): Plus Me & Sentient Productions

Line 1

Country: United Kingdom

Line 1

Synopsys: From Manchurian in Kolkata to Chop Suey in San Francisco Ching takes us on a Global Chinese food adventure.

Stories of Weird Royal


Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: The drama-led documentary series, looks at the world’s most eccentric Kings and Emperors. Most of them were not very capable rulers, but rather weird characters.

The Moon and the Sixpense

Company(ies): E-films

Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: A ninety minutes ducumentary about one of the top Chinese Kazakh fighter torn between dream and reality.

Stay Calm                                                                  

Company(ies): HangZhou Normal University

Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: Stay Calm take the director himself Wu Hao as the first-person perspective to experience the traces of bipolar disorder in life. From the perspective of self-salvation, it extends to removing stigma from popularizing science with others and helping patients accept the disease themselves.


Company(ies): Joiin Entertainment Group B.V.

Line 1

Country: China

Line 1

Synopsys: The series will start from the story of Baji creator, WU Zhong, together with other famous Baji masters’s stories. How did he create Baji Fist and be called in person by the king? How strong indeed is Baji Fist? Why Zhong Wu was called “King of Spear”? What are stories about Baji masters training key persons’ security guards team? Can we recover the well known missing Baji skills? We will figure out those questions one by one.

2022 MIP China 泛亚洲纪录片创投 - 评委

Lee May-Yi

Lead of Development & Production – Unscripted

Warner Media

Vikram Channa

Vice President - Head of Content & Products

Discovery, Inc.

Giselle Chan

Doc Producer, Shanghai

Bilibili Technology Co.

Kong Weina

Deputy Head of Film&TV Division


我很高兴接受邀请,参加这个新计划 - 泛亚洲儿童内容创投。这对我们所有人来说都是非常激动的时刻,不管是制片人、创意人才还是平台。我很期待收到他们的创投,和他们交流,探讨我们如何一起合作。

Ms Syahrizan Mansor, Vice Président, Nickelodeon Brand - ViacomCBS Networks Asia


杨晓轩, 副总裁,爱奇艺

我们很高兴看到今年MIP China聚焦儿童内容。在这一内容领域,还有很多很多故事和人物有待我们去探索。我非常期待见到所有创作者和他们的作品。

Mr Leslie LEE, Vice President Kids Asia Pacific - Warner Media Asia Pacific

2021 - 发言人


内容总监暨合伙人,CNEX 北京视纳华仁印象影视制作有限公司




制片人, 大好传媒有限公司


国际事务副总裁, 爱奇艺












总经理, LWA卢瓦文化

Michelle Lin

Asia Pacific Manager, K7 Media






Brenda Bisner

CCO, Kidoodle.TV (Owned by A Parent Media Co. Inc.)

John Stevenson

 Director, Magic Helmet Pictires, Inc. 

Josh Selig

President, China Bridge Content

Nina Hahn

Senior Vice President, International Production & Development, Nickelodeon International, and Head of VIS Kids


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