• 3-5 June 2020
  • Hangzhou, China

Practical information

Get ready for MIP China

Where is MIP China?

Grand HYATT, Hangzhou, China
28 Hu Bin Road, 
Hangzhou, China, 310006

Your visa

After signing up for MIP China, request your VISA by using the following document.

Fill the document and send it to visa.china@reedmidem.com

It will be returned to you signed and stamped.


Need information specific to the event?


Contact us at:

China: mipchina-hangzhou@cmm-i.net

International: mipchina@reedmidem.com

How to attend MIP China

1. December - April

Register, request your VISA and plan your trip.

VISA process:
Fill the document mentioned above
Send it to 
It will be returned to you signed and stamped

2. January - May

Visit the online platform and update your profile for one-to-one pre-arranged meetings.*

*The more information you provide, the better your chances of finding accurate matches with potential partners. 

3. May

Discover all Chinese company profiles, select your meeting preferences and rank them by order of priority.

4. Before the event

Receive your personalised agenda set up in function of matches with Chinese companies' preferences.

Local information


Yuan Renminbi

Weather in June:

Varies from 21°c (69.8°F) to 29°C (84.2°F)


220V/50AC (An adapter might be useful)

Time Zone

During the event, Hangzhou is UTC+8

Hangzhou Time

New York Time

London Time

Tokyo Time